What customer service means to us

Answer the phone

Phone tree throughout management to ensure someone always picks up or immediately returns customer phone calls for service, questions, invoicing, anything!

Straight forward pricing

The waste business has a reputation for hidden fees and opaque pricing. We want to be different, even if it means our unit prices appear higher. Our total invoiced amount is always competitive and our customers are never surprised. No extra fees. No games. Straight forward pricing.

Hire the best drivers

Experience matters on the job site – we try not to be unnecessarily loud, drive on mud, interfere with other activity, etc. Good drivers know what customers expect and avoid careless mistakes.

Our drivers are respectful and represent the brand with pride.

Run & maintain the best equipment

By minimizing unexpected breakdowns and equipment failures we eliminate excuses.

Taking pride in equipment provides a foundation for pride in customer service and reputation.

Do what we say we’re going to do

We want to support customers in every way we can, but if we can’t be 100% certain that we can follow through, we will respectfully pass.

We are committed to disciplined and methodical growth with long-term focus.

Care about everything

We try to be thoughtful about everything we do (company culture, safety, technology, logistics, etc.).

If it matters to a customer, or an employee, or a community, it matters to us.